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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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cover up following the attack that is killed four americans back in 2012. >> and student walkout is planned at uc campuses today in a response to race the tuition. students protestors will skip class and march through the streets. the regent voted last week to raise tuition 5% in each of the next five years. from across the bay to around the world, the story that is matter on kpix 5 news this morning good morning, everyone. i am michelle griego. >> and happy monday, everybody. i am frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 and we begin with breaking news in the baseball world this morning. it appears the giants are losing one of their more popular players. >> yes. more on the deal that has pablo sandoval heading to boston. >> we should not be surprised. the red sox led the pack in the panda sweepstakes, but still a
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bad way to wake up if you are a giants fan. cbs insider sports john hayman says sandoval will receive close to $100 million for five years, $10 more than the giants were willing to pay pablo. they offered him five years at $90 million. when the offer came after the world series sandoval countered by asking for a zen year deal. he is the two -- seven year deal. he is a two-time all-star with three wins with the giants. he has hit 366 in 17 games. other outlets say it is not a done deal yet. a bonds radio station interviewed agents saying panda is still weighing offers but hayman is a reliable baseball insider and says ed reliable sources close to the deal. back to you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news in san francisco. police are trying to piece together evidence from a fatal
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shooting in a remote triangle area. a person was shot after 12:30 this morning. that person reportly died on the way to the hospital. neighbors heard several shots. police have not provided a motive. so far we do not know the identity of the victim who die. >> 6:02. there has been another security beach at the san jose international airport. kiet do is there where a suspected trespasser was arrested just yet. kiet? >> reporter: yes. this happened away from the terminals at atlantic aviation. this is a concern. the 39-year-old somehow bypassed the ramp at atlanta aviation. employees spotted him and escorted him to the lobby but he took off before police got there. he fled by stealing a maintenance truck and drove around the airport perimeter until police found and arrested
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him. >> there was no operational impact or threat to public safety. our layers of security worked and he was apprehended right away. >> i mean, this doesn't make any sense. >> that is not good. >> and this is the third security breech at man net tasan jose this year. the first happened in april when a 15-year-old jumped the fence at terminal a and stowed away in a wheel well on a flight to hawaii. >> the incidents are unrelated and the airport does meet tsa security standards the san jose airport says. and now a check in with elizabeth for the morning
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commute. >> yes. there is a small fender-bender here that was cleared from the toll plaza quickly, but that was a tweet sent out a little earlier from kpix traffic. and around the bay area off to a relatively quiet start. no major hot spots. san jose 101 a little sluggish between the 206-680 interchange. westbound 580 heavy out of tracy because of an earlier crash at north flynn. we are seeing a little improvement on westbound 580. here is a live look at 880 in oakland where it is problem free near the oakland coliseum all the way to downtown. here is another check of the forecast. it is a clear start to the day, elizabeth, with offshore winds and nice temperatures early on and clear all the way to the coastline. high pressure building in overhead. you can see the clockwise
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rotation of the clouds bringing sunshine outside. the temperatures will be nice by the afternoon. 60s and even low 70s with hazy sunshine. it looks like out the door we have mostly clear skies and a busy day on the waters. you can see the boats coming by. otherwise the temperatures looking a little chilly inland, down to 38 in santa rosa, 40 in san jose and 47 in san francisco. ways look to the afternoon a lot of sunshine. 70 at fairfield, 69 in the napa valley and 66 in san francisco. there is some rain in the forecast, too. we will let you know when in a few minutes. back to you. developing new, the chp says driver fatigue may have been a factor in a deadly tour bus crash in shasta county. a bus ran off i-5 and overturned north of redding yesterday. five people remain hospitalizeed in redding. one passenger died and dozens more were injured.
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one passenger was a lucky one. >> reporter: i think he was falling asleep a little bit. i don't know for sure. >> a little earlier in the day the same bus hit a denny's restaurant in red bluff that took a junk off the side of the roof. a driver who refused to stop for daly city police kept going when offers tried to pull -- officers tried to pull him over just after 11:00. no one was hurt but police have not indicated why they tried to stop the driver in the first place. business leaders in point richmond will meet with police after a string of robbery, the latest at a robbery in a pharmacy where they tied up employees and stole addicted opiate based drugs. the president of the business association scheduled today's meeting prior to the robbery. a group of native americans
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showed up at a 49ers game yesterday to protestors their opponent. the 9ers played the washington redskins. the protestors are calling for the team to change its name. they say it is offensive and something some of their fans don't understand. >> what the r-word represents is genocide imposed by the state of california that paid $0.25 for our scalps back in the 1850s. >> you are putting the team's name on a pedestal, right? i love the team, so how is that racist? >> back in the 1970s sanford university was pressured into dropping indian as its mascot and became the cardinals. tensions mounting in ferguson, missouri, where people are waiting for a grand grand jury decision on a fatal police shooting, the decision expected any day whether officer darren wilson should be indicted in the killing of
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unarmed teenager michael brown. people now are being urged to stay calm. >> we are calling upon our members and members of the community to respond to this decision in a non-violent fashion. >> the grand jury is expected to reconvene today. once a decision is reached, though, there will be a 48-hour warning before it is announced. investigators in ohio are trying to determine whether a police officer was justified in fatally shooting a 12-year-old boy there. a man called 9-1-1 saturday saying a boy was pointing a gun at people at a cleveland playground. when police arrived they ordered the boy to drop what appeared to be a semi- automatic pistol. the boy refused, prompting the officer to open fire. the gun turned out to be a replica. an orange safetycador on the gun meant to mark the gun is a toy had been removed. the house intelligence committee cleared the white house of any wrong doing in how it responded to the 2012 attack on a u.s. diplomatic
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post in benghazi, libya. the republican-controlled panel determined the cia and military also acted properly. it addresses inaccuracies by the white house and early public statements about the deadly attack and acontributes the errors to contradictory intelligence with no intent to mislead the public. it is 6:09. temperatures in the northeast are quickly rising after last week's heavy snowfall and it leads to a whole new set of concerns for preparations in the next potential disaster in buffalo. and help for victims of a napa earthquake after more improvements to an early warning system. we have rain in the forecast and we will tell you when, next. >> and drive time around the bay area, the commute from 580 through the livermore valley. we will explain after the break why it is so backed up, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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flooding, while still deali with the remnants of a masse snowstorm. forecasters say high temperatures in the buffalo area could hit 60 ts week. that could qui . welcome back! well, folks in the buffalo area of new york are bracing for potential flooding after high temperatures could reach 60 this week, melting several feet of snow accumulated over the next several days. the national weather service issued a flood warning for today there. >> if you live in an area that typically floods or has flooded, prepare to evacuate for a flood situation. >> in addition, trees could
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come crashes down since they have been weak upped by the heavy snowfall and saturated soil. if that wasn't enough, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour could topple electrical wires and trigger power outages. california's earthquake warning system is set to expand some time next year. right now only a select few people have access to it but soon it will be available to schools, fire stations and businesses. experts have been upgrading the system and installing more sensors in parts of the bay area and southern california, as well. the system is designed to give up to a minute's warning that a major earthquake is about to hit. and disaster recovery centers for earthquake aid in vallejo will close tonight. it has been provided help to 300 residents and businesses affected by the napa quake back in august. it ends at 6:00 bottom but help will still be -- 6:00 p.m. tomorrow but help will still be available online and at another
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fema center in napa. well, the holiday season is almost upon us. >> and we have more to help us about the potential stress and all that eating. >> yes. we have a look at useful workouts. roberta gonzalez, you are at the holiday light fitness center. >> yes. >> reporter: we will be having gun indoor this is morning -- having fun indoor this is morning. it is never too -- indoors this morning. it is never too late to get fit. is it too late to start a program? >> absolutely not. you can start any time. >> reporter: and this woman behind you looks like she has been at this for some time now. is it intimidating to come into a gym? >> yes. that is why i highly suggest
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working with a personal train tore get comfortable with equipment. >> reporter: and what is a number one tip? >> start with your friends and the food in your body. >> reporter: i love my friends and my food. there are so many temptations out there. >> dieting increases anxiety around food and it increases depravation and the intuitive person within that knows what and how much to eat. >> reporter: if i go to a holiday party and the first thing i see is all the desserts, i can have some? >> certainly, but i would brouse the entire buffet and think should i start with this or something else. >> reporter: and second, you start with an exercise program? >> and yes. you can even walk that evening. >> reporter: what is your favorite thing to doality the gym? >> well, i am -- thing to do at the gym? >> well, i am bias. i love circuit training. >> reporter: all right.
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get pit fit for the holidays. -- get fit for the holidays. go to and click on "links and numbers." >> food is any best friend, too. >> i think we all need to do crunches after the show. >> how many people walk after a thanksgiving dinner? do you get out and walk? >> i do. i like to walk after dinner. >> you do. very good! >> good for you. rub it in! [ laughing ] let's get out the door and show you what is going on out there. over the bay bridge it is backed up. the here is what we are talking about on the sensors. 15 miles per hour from the 24 merge. and the east shore freeway is beginning to stack up a little bit, as well. on the east shore freeway, berkeley to richmond getting a little heavy there, as well. the altamonte pass has a rough ride since early this morning. it was our first accident so cars ran into lumber debris on the road. this is in the 4:30 hour that
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this happened but it backed up commute early and it really has not fully recovered. that is why the drive time is more than 31 minutes. here is a live look at the oakland commute if you are anywhere near the oakland coliseum, it is still pretty good. the taillights that, is the northbound route. should be a pretty smooth 15 minute commute between 238 and the maze. just pass the toll plaza, the flat section over the high- rise, no delays and it continues to move well along 101 past san mateo toward san francisco and even past the airport, everything is quiet. i think this year things are workingous nicely travel- wise around the state. we have high pressure building
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overhead. we may see fog in the central valley today but otherwise we will keep things nice and clear around the bay area. the temperatures on average low to mid 60s. this afternoon well above the average around 68 degrees in oakland and # degrees above the average. 68 in san jose and 68, too, in livermore. so, a very nice day ahead today. warmer temperatures to come. it is a bit chilly, though, headed tout door. hazy sunshine expected this afternoon and the possibility of some rain. a series of storms is starting this next weekend. the ridge of high pressure will dominate our weather in the next couple of days and it is bringing us a weak offshore wind that will keep our skies nice and clear toward the coastline. nice weather today, a little fog in the central valley but it should clear out by the afternoon and leave lots of sunshine behind. temperatures as high as 68 in more began hills. -- morgan hills, 68 in fremont and hazy sunshine inside the bay, 68 in oakland and 67 in
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berkeley. the sunrise time is 6:59. sun set is 4:53. looking out over the next few days, warmer temperatures tomorrow and wednesday. cooling down on thanksgiving day and a chance of rain returns for the weekend. . you are looking at one of the boldest phrases in the vietnamese language and it made it on to a california license plate. i am kiet do. the dmv says it has a good explanation on how that happened, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the new york giants' eli mag with the bomb... and... . well, we have breaking news for giants fans.
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it looks like the panda is on his way to boston. >> we have dan with us from tv joining us live via telephone. is this a done deal and what are the number in the. >> caller: well, i think it is getting close. it will be a matter of getting a physical done and everything done final. it will be 5 and over 100, 102, 103, somewhere around there. when all is said and done, by the end of the day, sandoval and ramirez could be going to the soxs. the red sox are doing moves trying to get offense which they didn't have much of last year. we thought they would go deep into the pitching market and low and behold they have two hitters, so an interesting scenario for the red sox to say the least as they top the season. >> do you think he will be a
6:25 am
good fit here? he could hide under the radar with buster posey and matt cain. he will be making a lot of money and you know boston fan, if you are making $20 million a year, you have to perform. what do you think about that? >> caller: i have sever thoughts -- i have several thoughts about that. i think the $20 million mark isn't what it used to be, but there will be pressure that comes with that. if he gets off to a decent start with the bat, bell fine. the red sox struggled at the 3rd base spot with several players last year, so i think anything he gives them will be good. if he is good offensive, that would help, too, which you know he is. it could be tough around here. april is a cool month with the weather and everything else, but i think as time goes on, i like the signing at least short term and we will see what happens in year 4 and 5. but ramirez wanted to scrap him because the players now, we
6:26 am
don't know where he will fit, but i do like the sandoval signing. if it gets done today, going forward, it solidifies baseball. sandoval performs a regular season well and especially in the post season. the chiefs will love that, too. >> the giants fans are holding out hope that maybe he won't sign, but it sounds like he may. dan, thank you for the insight. >> thank you, dan. appreciate it. >> caller: sure. my pleasure. >> all right. well, looks like the panda is heading to the east coast. time for the play of the day. this may be the best catch ever in the nfl. it happened last night during the dallas cowboys game, taking on the new york giants and a rookie. a rookie made just a phenominal catch. look at this. this is o'dell beckham, jr. this guy will lay it out flat and do a one-handed, may two
6:27 am
saver catch. look at this! out and by the way, good for a touchdown, as well! incredible catch. the play of the day, maybe the play of the the year and the giants did it at the end of a 31-28 loss. and coming up, the mineta san jose international airport call into question how a man managed to take a joyride around the tarmac. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mallicoat. and i'm michelle griego. s 6-- . good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 24th. i am frank mallicoat. >> and i am michelle griego. the time now is 6:30. >> we begin with breaking news at this hour. this morning in santa clara
6:31 am
county, the sheriff's department is investigating a home invasion this morning near cupertino. investigators say two people, one armed, entered the home and demanded money from the victim. the culprits ran away from the home near garden gate and glensville drive. the suspects are still at large. a man is under avenue arrest after being caught twice where he should not have been at mineta san jose international airport. police say the 39-year-old bypassed security and got on to airport property yesterday. employees caught him but before security could get there he took off again and drove around in a maintenance truck and drove around in it until he was stopped and arrested. >> there was no operational impact or threat to public safety. our layers of security worked and he was apprehended right away. >> this doesn't make any sense. >> this is mineta san jose international airport's thirty security breach this year. a teenager jumped a fence and stowed away on a flight to
6:32 am
hawaii back in april. then a woman with a history of trying to sneak on planes managed to slip on board a flight to los angeles. and chp says driver fatigue may have been a factor on a deadly tour bus crash in shasta county when one person was killed and dozens were injured north of redding yesterday. five people remain hospitalizeed in redding. >> we have reports from passenger that is say the driver looked to be sleep fatigued. >> a little earlier in the day on the same trip the bus hit a denny's restaurant in red bluff and this took a chunk of the side of a roof of that restaurant. >> and we continue to follow breaking sports news. the giants have lost one of their most popular players to free agency. >> a lot of fans will not be happy about this. we have ryan takeo in the newsroom with the deal that has pap low sandoval heading to boston. >> yes. a kick in the butt for giants fans, dentally, but maybe we
6:33 am
-- dentally, but maybe we -- definitely, but maybe we should not be surprised. yes, pablo sandoval has agreed to a deal with boston receiving close to $100 million for five years, about $10 million than the giants offered pablo, 10 years for $90 million. sandoval counters with the red sox asking for a seven year deal. by with way, other outlets say it is not a done deal yet. but giants fans, hey, this isn't the end of the world. the hundred million, or close to it, can get them a 3rd baseman, left fielder or pitching help. back to you. >> it does open flood gate as
6:34 am
little bit because that is a lot of money. their general manager was asked what will you do if panda doesn't sign, he says we still have other guys to sign. >> but when you lose that 3rd baseman, there is nobody there to replace him. >> especially in the play-offs, post season. >> yes. he is such an icon. very impressive player. that will be hard to watch him go. >> it will, but we will have to say good-bye. >> and we are missing days like this. boston weather is just a little different. >> just a little bit out there. [ laughing ] we have sunshine coming our way today and awesome weather outside, beautiful all the way to the keyesline. a little chilly this morning -- coastline, a little chilly to begin with, numbers in the 30s and 40s but by this afternoon heady sunshine and back in the 60s and low 70s for the
6:35 am
afternoon. temperatures at 38 in santa rosa, 47 in san francisco. lots of sunshine near 70 this afternoon. 68 in san jose. time for a rose check. yes. it is back to work monday. if you are traveling prepare for delays. an accident at southbound 680, it sounds closer to highway 84. there is a little confusion as to where the accident is but you can see the slowdowns as far back as pleasanton and up to two lanes are blocked. with that sort of lane blockage, it will stack up pretty quickly. out the door a live look at the richland bridge. minor delays so far. no big deal leaving richmond. the 880 ride through oakland looks good so far near the oakland coliseum. that is kpix traffic. back to you. happening today, uc
6:36 am
berkeley students are planning a walkout at noon to protestors tuition hikes. students have been occupying wheeler hall. today there will be a march downtown which stops at berkeley high school and berkeley city college. an organizer says the division hikes are turning college into a privilege and not a right. tax payers could be footing part of the bill because as the tuition goes up, so is tax- funded financial aid. about $770 million was spent on cal grants for uc students, even as the budget was cut during the recession. governor brown who opposes the hike reminded students of that last week. the coastguard continues for a third person reported missing along the pacifica coast and then suspended. police are looking for someone seen face down at the rockaway
6:37 am
beach. it may have been a surfer in a wet suit. officials lost a look at him and now have a helicopter and coast guard boat helping in the search. a person was shot after 12:30 this morning and reportly died on the way to the hospital. neighbors say they did hear several goths. police have not provided -- gunshots. so far we don't know the identity of the victim who died. a driver who caused a deadly wrong way crash on highway 101 was probably drunk. >> he is in the southbound lanes, crossing the freeway. >> a 61-year-old man apparently got on the highway near know vat toe early yesterday morning heading northbound in in southbound lanes and collided into a nissan, killing himself
6:38 am
and the other driver. and now, a man in the san jose area may be getting a new license plate. >> reporter: this offering license plate is misspelled. the i should be a y, but you get had idea. had driver claimed it was an innocent phrase and we played along. >> what does your license plate mean? >> it is -- it means i love your mom. >> really? >> reporter: we showed the license plate around san jose, home to more than 130,000 vietnamese people, more than any other city in the country. reaction ran the gamut, from disgust to high 5s. >> i said to myself, wow, how
6:39 am
can anybody miss this? >> you speak vietnamese, correct? >> yes. >> if you somebody not speak that language and they are trying to figure it out, you can see the difficult in understanding some of those words. >> reporter: the dmv joined us via skype from their sacramento headquarters. when it comes to permed license plates, the department gets 500 applications a day. drivers must explain and justify the meaning of the phrase, then researchers check it across 150 languages, using special dictionary, online translators and the white house drug database to weed out drug and gang related terms or hidden references. when they slip through, the department reryes on public complaints. >> it is -- department relies on public complaints. >> it is people like you that make sure the license plates out there are acceptable to
6:40 am
society as a whole. a million permed license plates on california roads right now have only two or three recalled every year. this one included. we are following breaking news right now. defense secretary chuck hagel is resigning. the new york times reports president obama made the decision to ask hague toll step down last friday after a series of meetings over the past two weeks. hagel a former republican senator had originally been brought into the administration to manage a draw down from afghan. the time now is 6:40. general motors is preparing to
6:41 am
unveil technology that lets you drive without touching the wheel. how the system called super cruise works. >> and the giants world series is about to be mortalized on the big screen. details on the big orange carpet event, when we come back.
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. it looks like a very nice day ahead. about 6 in san jose, 69 in gilroy, 68 in morgan hill. east bay temperatures soaring into the 60s and low 70s by the afternoon. 69 in antioch, 65 in walnut creek and 70 in fairfield and 67 in berkeley. in the north bay, plenty of
6:45 am
sunshine and 69 in the napa valley. 7 in sonoma, 67 in san ravel and in downtown san francisco, 66 degrees. all right, laurence. thank you. americans are about to spend a little more this holiday season than last year. >> but it may not be as much as we expected. here is more. >> yes w. we have been -- yes. we have been thinking about big expectations in holiday spending, up 4% to 6%. the average yearly gain in the past has been just over 3%. the average u.s. shopper, however, is going to increase their spending by 2.3% this year to an average tap of $2,700. expectations are higher because of stronger monthly job gains in 2014 and a big break at the pump with gas prices in the past couple of months. tesla could be getting
6:46 am
cozier with bmw. they told the german publication they are forming a partnership on battery technology and charging stations in germany. the bmw carbon fiber reinforced body parts are said to be very interesting. the. the stock market do you doe and s&p 500 are off to another hot streak. pushing a little higher this morning. let's take a look at the big boards. right now the dow is up 20 points, nasdaq 15, s&p 500 up 3 points. michelle and front range, back to you. >> we may -- michelle and frank, back to you. >> we may crash that number yet. >> yes. another push upwards and we could get there. >> thank you, jason. major league baseball officials world series film premiers in the bay area this evening. >> yes.
6:47 am
we have more at 6:00 there from the theater in san francisco. engineers of general motors are fine tuning what they call the super cruise technology, combining cruise control with steering. the driver keeps the car in the correct lane and slows a car down if it senses the next vehicle ahead is too close. they are expected to hit showrooms in 2017. >> maybe i am old school but i kind of like having two hands on the wheel. >> i know. it is the control. >> i don't know. all right. speaking of roads, the commute is definitely under way. we may be searching for lighter traffic maybe because it is thanksgiving week, but we really have not seen any indication of that.
6:48 am
680 and highway 84 has delays just past the 84 exit. two lanes are blocked and backed up to pleasanton. and the usual commute right now is definitely looking like a solid approach. slow on the 880 approach, as well, to 92. the camera past the toll plaza showing a stack up there. and westbound 287 at the silicon valley rise, no delays. that is the kpix traffic . another check of the forecast now. the weather looking good. we need to get through a cold morning. chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s. by the afternoon sunshine to
6:49 am
the coast. one of those gorgeous days outside. out the door we are looking at high pressure building in overhead bringing with it plenty of sunshine. temperatures on average low to mid 60s but today we will be well above the average, some places 5 to 7 degrees above the average, 68 in san jose, 68 in oakland and 66 in san francisco. we will get through the morning, though. it is a chilly start to the day, then hazy sunshine toward the afternoon. a pretty good week ahead, but then the possibility of rain and maybe a series of storms coming our way starting this next weekend. but for now high pressure continuing to build overhead. we are seeing the weak offshore wind, just enough to clear you out to the coastline. should be a nice travel day around much of the state, although a chance of a few showers in eureka, 65 and sunny around the monterey bay. warmer in fairfield, 69 in the napa valley and 65 in pacifica. over the next few days lots of sunshine and warmer
6:50 am
temperatures. maybe mid 70s by tomorrow, cooling down a little on thanksgiving. here comes the clouds and rain next weekend. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. the big winners in the midterm elections always raises the question about term limits. >> yes. we have more. >> why are there concerns? >> that is what with will answer today. i get that question when i speak to community groups or reading the comment sections in an article about elections, we always have questions why the term elections. 95% of incumbents are re- elected, so that is typical. we have term limits for state senators and state assembly remembers, so why not the u.s. congress and senate? get ready. here is the answer. the answer is the united states supreme court has ruled that you cannot put term limits on congress or the united states senate. in 1995 a case called u.s. term
6:51 am
limits ink versus thornton ruled the term limits are not expressly in the constitution and we can't impose them. you have to be a certain age to run for congress, a certain citizen for a certain number of years and live in the state you are representing. those three requirements are it says the supreme court. they can't impose any other requirements. there you go. >> so, it would require a constitutional amendment, right? >> it would. ever couple of years somebody proses, usually a republican will prose a constitutional amendment in congress to impose term limits, but it never goes anywhere, because, you are asking career politicians to end their own careers, so the chances of term limits ever actually happening on the federal level are pretty slim. >> i would imagine so, very slim. we keep hear that congress
6:52 am
extremely unpopular. how are incumbents then getting re-elected in. >> it doesn't make a lot of sense but there are two answers. voter that is don't like congress as a whole often feel like their own representative. you see these polls saying everybody in washington, d.c. is terrible, well, that is part of it, and people vote for their own party. you vote for party a, not b. even if you are not totally in love with that capitol. you may think party a would nominate them, but it is another reason so see incumbents getting elected even though everybody hates congress, they are doing the best they can given the choices. >> yes. the president did one six year term. he spent the first year kind of getting used to it and the second year and the next two years rerunning again. >> i think president obama
6:53 am
would agree with you. he may be ready to go himself. he may get support there at the next level of the government. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i gooh
6:56 am
fitting the tree through the door, that's feast-worthy. so celebrate with the kfc festive feast. a bucket of the world's best chicken, our famous sides, biscuits and our new pumpkin cake. the kfc festive feast. icer darren wils . well, a grand jury reconvenes today to decide whether to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in the deadly shooting of michael brown. an announcement could come at any time but the deadline isn't until january. the missouri governor called out the national guard to maintain order. and investigators are look into the deadly shooting of a 12-year-old boy by a cleveland police officer. witnesses called 9-1-1 saturday saying a boy waved a gun around a playground. when the officers arrived the boy refused to drop the gun.
6:57 am
one officer shot and killed the gun. turned out the gun was a toy replica. and heavy flooding could be heading to the buffalo region after the massive snow storm. temperatures will rise to up to 60 degrees today, causing massive melting of the snow. evacuations could be necessary. and the giants lost the bid to keep the panda. 3rd baseman pablo sandoval agreed to a new deal with the boston red sox. a report says sandoval will get close to $100 million for the next five years. a chp is questioning a tour bus driver involved in a deadly crash in shasta county. one damage was killed and does more were killed when a bus ran off i-5 yesterday and overturned. passengers say the driver was having trouble staying awake. >> reporter: and i am kiet do live in tuber tino where the
6:58 am
sheriff's office has a neighborhood surrounded near the corner of glencoe and garden gate drive. some time overnight a couple of suspects, two of them, entered a home and demanded cash. one was armed with a gun. they are not sure exactly what they left the scene with here, but they did flee and deputies have load blocks all around, stopping people and opening up trunks to make sure no one escapes. we don't know if there are injuries or anyone in custody right now, but they are moving the man post to a community center a couple blocks away. this is an unfolding, at the scene, as we speak. more throughout the day but for now, live couper tino, kiet do, kpix 5 news. and in traffic, we are having a hard time figuring out the location for this accident. the latest word it is southbound 680 approaching the sinole exit. still heavy from pleasanton. and this one is backing up
6:59 am
early. the san mateyo bridge may have something going on heavy on southbound 880, the approach at the bridge there. everything is on time with the ferries and the bart systems. >> thank you. we have cold temperatures out there this morning. we have clear skies all the way to the coastline and offshore winds, but the temperatures are dropping down to the 30s and 40s in many spots. by the afternoon plenty of sun and mild temperatures. about 70 in fairfield today. 68 in san jose. 69 in the napa valley and 66 in san francisco. you know what, it is only good going to get better from -- only going to get better from here tuesday to wednesday with mid 60s to 70. thanksgiving nice but next weekend, though, a whole different story. here are the storms rolling in our direction for the next few days over the weekend. >> i don't mind it.
7:00 am
>> oh, boy! >> have a great day, everyone. >> take care. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, november 24th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." defense secretary chuck hagel is resigning. his departure comes as the united states steps up the fight against isis. >> protesters across the country await a decision from ferguson. the grabbed jury reconvenes this morning. and it's being called the greatest catch ever. this morning hear the nfl rookie describe why this is not a fluke. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the secretary of defense will announce that he's resigning today. >> defense chief hagel stepping


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